Newport Jazz Club


Cass Casewell's Storyville Strutters

21st October 2018

A lover of traditional jazz, island favourite Cass Caswell did not disappoint when he promised the audience at Sunday's concert at Newport Jazz Club a set of "lovely, unadulterated and happy jazz from early New Orleans".
Opening with "Bourbon Street parade", a tribute to the early New Orleans marching bands the audience were spiritually transported to the deep south of the USA and the vibrant and energetic sounds of the early exponents of jazz.
Guesting on several numbers was vocalist Sinead McCabe who made her stage debut with Cass at the Apollo in 2014 who has since matured into a singer of note who has since gone on to be in demand at clubs and festivals all over the UK.
There were plenty of opportunities for the band to extend themselves and outstanding moments included the clarinet solo on "Burgundy Street blues" and a superb drum solo on the closing number "That's a plenty"

With Cass leading the Strutters on upright bass he was supported by Ceri Williams (trumpet), Terry Williams (trombone), Andy Leggett (clarinet and sax), Keith Hall (banjo) and Steve Rushton (drums).