Newport Jazz Club


Alan Barnes

17th September 2017

On Sunday the members of Newport Jazz Club were treated to a masterclass of excellence as Alan Barnes brought together the contrasting sounds of Charlie Parker and Art Pepper.

For the uninitiated then in America in the late 1940's and early 1950's there were two leading exponents of the alto saxophone. On the east coast, Charlie Parker, together with Dizzy Gillespie, was leading the way introducing audiences to the hard driving be-bop. On the other side of the country Art Pepper, a graduate of the Stan Kenton band, was, along with the likes of Chet Baker, leading the way with the much more mellow west coast sound.

With a qurtet whose members were very much to the fore, especially David Newton on piano, Alan gave a spellbinding performance that ranged from a very sublime rendition of Charlie Parker's "My Old Flame" to a rousing performance, his introductory comment that this one "goes like the clappers" being something of an understatement, of Art Pepper's "StraightLife"

Andy Cleyndert on bass and Bobby Worth on drums both gave solid support by giving Alan space to extend himself whilst also getting solo features. All in all an excellent afternoon and hopefully it will not be too long before Alan returns to the Island.

The next concert will be on Sunday 22nd October club has plays host to The Graeme Hewitt Jazz Band. Tickets are available from Vicky Cullis on 730601 or Bill Wills on 523879.